About Us

More than just petroleum

At Sakunda, energy is more than just fuels. It’s a way of thinking, a way of life. We understand how we are a part of every day life. By supplying bulk fuel to individuals, industries and companies, we ensure that businesses thrive and make a positive impact on the economy.

We are about the future, so we invest in infrastructure development such as schools to ensure that more children have more opportunities to realize their dreams.

We continue to work with our government through financing of Command Agriculture, our country’s successful agricultural finance scheme. Agriculture is the backbone of Zimbabwe’s economy. Investment in the sector ensures poverty eradication as well as food and nutrition security for the country and the region.

Zimbabwe is a richly resourced nation, with over 40 minerals ready for exploitation for its own development. We found it natural to create value addition opportunities to create more jobs and export our value added products to earn more foreign currency for the country.

We believe in giving power to the people. That is why we invested heavily in creating one of Zimbabwe’s biggest power generation plants – Dema Diesel Power Plant. The plant will help eradicate power shortages across the country, enabling industries and businesses to operate at 100% capacity.

We are Sakunda, the market leader that is part of everyday life in Zimbabwe and beyond.